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How to care for teak furniture so it won't break quickly
Hello, how are you readers. This time I will share tips on caring for teak wood furniture. Teak wood furniture has superior quality, durable, sturdy and not easily broken. But teak wood furniture can also turn dull if not treated properly. Caring for teak furniture is actually very easy. But for some people who don't know it will be a serious problem. Because the teak furniture they have will not be well cared for.

Well, for those of you who are not experienced in caring for teak furniture, you can listen to tips for caring for teak furniture so that it won't last quickly. The following is a review of how to treat teak furniture so it doesn't get damaged quickly.

1. Routine Clean Dust
Pay attention to the wood furniture in your house. Do not leave it when the wood furniture is dusty because it can cause it to easily porous if it has never been cleaned. To maintain its durability, it is better to clean wooden furniture regularly and have it scheduled. Clean wooden furniture using a soft cloth. Avoid using a cloth made of silicone because it can cause blisters and damage it.

2. Choose Trusted Cleaning Soap
When you want to clean furniture or floors from wood, you should choose a trusted cleaning soap. This is to ensure that the cleaner is indeed good to use to treat wood. If it cannot affect the color of the surface it will easily fade. Also make sure the product is indeed for caring for wood furniture not other. Use cleaning products three times a week to keep the furniture jepara durable.

3. Take advantage of Mayonnaise
Mayonnaise can not only be used as a flavoring for your food but can also be used to treat wood furniture. Often find formless marks on the wood surface? Like the 'stamp' of sticking water after putting a cold glass on it or other signs that interfere with the appearance of furniture? It's hard to clean the 'stamp' if you only use a cleaning cloth. Try using mayonnaise to remove the stain. Simply place the mayonnaise on the stain then wipe it with a soft cloth.

4. Take advantage of Shoe Shine
Use shoe polish to hide cracks in old furniture. Choose the same color as the surface of your furniture. When the rainy season, you should put a wooden chair into the house so that it is not exposed to direct water during the rainy season.

5. Unable to Water Directly to the Surface
Avoid washing furniture from wood in the water. Nor does it immediately flush with water because it can damage the surface of the furniture. We recommend that you prepare warm water and a sponge to wash it. Give a little soap to the water to clean it. Use a toothbrush to brush difficult angles. After that, end by taking a wet cloth with a soft surface to wipe the surface as a whole.
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